Quartz Vs Quartzite


Quite often, people confuse quartz with quartzite. However, despite their similar sounds, they are quite different and distinct in nature and characteristics.

Quartz is an engineered surface while quartzite is a natural stone. The confusion lies in the fact that geologically speaking, quartz pertains to any mineral that is made up of silicon and oxygen.
Natural quartzite slabs are essentially quartz-rich sandstone. Conversely, quartz countertops are made by mixing crushed quartz minerals with resin to hold them together.


Quartz is stain-resistant, non-porous, and sometimes scratch-resistant as well, depending on the company. On the other hand, quartzite is relatively more heat-resistant than quartz (quartz can resist quite high temperatures as well). Hence, quartzites can be used for outdoor fireplaces as well.

Due to its non-porous and stain-resistant nature, quartz do not need to be sealed. Hence, they are easier to maintain as compared go quartzite which do require sealing.

Quartz can be engineered to mimic some marble or granite patterns, veins and colours. Manufacturers have started to devise new lines and colors due to the quartz craze becoming trendy and strong. It also provides a pure white or medium grey background which is difficult to find naturally in quartzite.

Alternatively, quartzites have natural textures and patterns that differentiate it from quartz which can range from freckled organic movement to caramel crystallized veins. Some parts of quartzite may also be translucent, allowing light to pass through, becoming a beautiful option for backlit ideas and/or areas. Quartzite offers an expansive range of patterns, tones, and movement that cannot be replicated through manufacturing.

Now, more than ever, clients, and various quartz brands, are focusing on lighter-coloured quartz with veins rather than darker-speckled tones – which were in vogue over the past years. But why are we not surprised by this change? It is because white marble has become an evergreen, classic look for kitchen countertops, challenging the industry’s long-held belief that bathrooms should be fitted with marble while kitchens get granite fixtures.

There is no sign of the popularity of quartz waning any time soon – and we couldn’t be happier about it! It’s common knowledge that quartz countertops offer durability at a pocket-friendly price; they are also very stylish for modern kitchens and bathrooms. Is your goal a simple dark grey vanity top? You can’t go wrong with quartz! Would you rather have countertops with white marble-like patterns? You are spoilt for choice in the quartz category! However, if your aesthetic leans more towards something natural looking, then perhaps you should consider using quartzite instead of either quartz or marble, since this particular material lasts longer, needs little maintenance and is cheaper compared to marble.

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